Proven. The Scientific Illustration Consortium is a group of experienced scientific illustrators and designers dedicated to providing the highest quality custom and stock scientific illustration for Exhibits, Publishing, Education, and Research.

Exceptional. Award-winning illustrators, graduate-level education in medical & scientific illustration, and years of real-world experience make the artists of Scientific Illustration Consortium a clear choice when it comes to your marketing, design, and biomedical communications.

Responsive. Experience us and you’ll see we’re different than the typical artist consortium. We’re fanatics about process and structure, and we respect our clients and their time.

Trusted. The accredited artists of The Scientific Illustration Consortium have produced thousands of published illustrations for wildlife publications, museums, encyclopedias, advertising, healthcare, and bioscience research.

Scientific Illustration Specialties
Our Science Illustration & Design experience runs the gamut – Wildlife, Botanical, Ornithological, Entomological, Ichthyological, Molecular, Veterinary, Anatomical, Surgical, and Cellular Illustration. More about us.

For more information about The Scientific Illustration Consortium, or to inquire about licensing stock images, contact our Ann Arbor, Michigan office.